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So firstly, I like the new dsigns! I feel that the incorporation of a leek into the first model is subtle enough that it's not silly-lo...

I agree with Neo; it seems to me that just plain white tiles might be more appropriate in a lab. Overall, the design looks nice, though...

First thing, hair. It seems that where the tail attatches to the head is a little to far back on the profile one, or at least it is off...

I really love the way the numbers fade into the distance; I know before it looked blocky, but now it's a very subtle, nice touch. I do ...

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La France
La France
Magnifique, Culturelle
Faire de léche-vitrines, rêver, trouver l'amour
Je voulois aller a France
Le pays à la mode
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opening image by EmeraldEyes14 opening image :iconemeraldeyes14:EmeraldEyes14 10 5
Sapporo, Hokkaido: Average Weather
Since the weather is going to effect how the characters act and dress, we need to start thinking about that. It will also be necessary for the animators need to know. So, here is the average weather for where the VOCALOIDs live. Don't worry too much about this, take a look, and then just keep it in mind.
Temperature: high-low in Fahrenheit
Febuary -19-32 (one of coldest)
May 47-63
August 66-80 (hottest)
November 34-47
Rain: in inches
December-January 4
Febuary-March 3.5
April-June 2 (dryest)
July 3
August 5
Spetember 5.5 (most rain)
October-November 4
Snow: in inches
January 68 (most snow)
Febuary 58
March 38.5
April 4.5
May-September 0 (least snow)
October 1
November 12.5
December 52
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Homestuck Vocab 101: ACT I
*Words unique to Homestuck are bolded
Sylladex: is the inventory system in Homestuck. It is a combination of the words syllabus (a brief outline) and index (a list used as a reference).
Captchalogue Deck: Where normal items are stored, but cannot be too big. From the words captcha (code used to determine user is not a program) and catalogue (a complete list).
Artifact: usually, an object made by a human being from the past. Here it just means any item.
frivolity: not serious; carefree
japery: acting like a buffoon
vernacular: specific form of language used by a group of people
copasetic: in order; satisfactory
stack: like a stack of blocks, for the stack modus you can only remove the top item
Data structure: the particular way of storing and organizing info in a computer
Fetch Modus: the way that items are stored in the Sylladex. Comprised of the words fetch (to get) and Modus (as in mode). So: the mode or method of getting items.
conjunction: the act of joining
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Script Formating
First, the title of each script should be Episode__. Then each new scene needs to have a scene heading, which should be bolded. Each should labeled Scene 1, Scene 2, etc,. For dialogue, have the name in all capitols, a colon, and then the lines. For any actions, put it between brackets. If you have a long block of action, put it on a separate line from the dialogue. For descriptions on how a line should be delivered, (for example: faintly, sadly, upset,) it should be between parentheses.
Character names should be completely capitalized if it is an action, for a scene description, or before dialogue; but should be normally capitalized if it is in a line of dialogue.
Scene 1
A rainy day. People walk by quickly on the sidewalk, hidden under umbrellas and raincoats. A row of shops line either side of the busy street. They are small, bright little shops. One sells music CD's, another clothes, and another offers pizza to go. The rain covers the road, so that whenever a car goes pas
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Battle Mode
The VOCALOIDs all can jump high then glide using jet air propulsion. All of the VOCALOIDs go into battle mode, but some of them also can change into their Append version when music is played. The Append designs will be slightly edited to make them more appropriate. In Append mode, they are even more powerful, allowing them to fight stronger enemies.
When Master created Miku, he installed fight software that would only activate if she was in danger. Meiko and Kaito, and the UTAUs made before this, have to receive upgrades before they can go into battle mode. New VOCALOIDs and UTAUs will already have the fight software.
The software gives them an ability and either a power or weapon. Each one has a skill type that fits with their ability and weapon. For example, Luka has Precision, which goes with her weapon, a bow, and also with her ability to aim very accurately.
In Battle Mode, the appearance of the VOCALOIDs and UTAUs changes slightly. They go from wearing normal clothes to their off
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When failure is certain-
Do you keep hold of your dreams?
Or do you let them go?
Which is less paining-
Cutting, twisting, painful.
Should you fight
For a doomed dream?
Let it go, walk away...
Gently falling tears,
Behind false smiles.
One more dandelion, blown-candle,
Falling star wish?
Still dreaming,
Still: tears.
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Fading falling finally
Always absolutinly afterward
Time travels toward
Everything eventually ending.
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Endless Facade
    No tears on my face
Emotions are bricked away
       Living is lying.
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Observing Crows
The crows flew wth the breeze, against the breeze. Their movement isn't limited to two dimensions, rather, they travel through all three with ease. Black feathers spread wide, they push themselves up against gravity, slipping through the air. They fly anywhere from ten feet, where it seems you could almost catch them, to a a more unreachable height of about a hundred feet. Crows rarely go much higher, or much lower. Do they look down as they fly? or, Only ahead, to the next available perch? Trees, buildings, fences; crows flight exists of short flights between them.
If you look closely at the feathers of a crow, you'll see they aren't as perfect as they first seem. Some feathers are missing altogether, others just have peices lost, perhaps torn in a fight with other crows. Crows often threaten each other, but rarely, if ever, actually seem to make contact. Usually they will group together to scare away others.
Crows move more smoothly throuh the air than smaller birds, but not quite so
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Treasure yesterday,
Look forward to tomorrow, and
Live for today.
Drean, imagine, reach for the stars.
When every moment is precious,
Life goes unwasted.
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Growing Flowers
Flowers grow slowly
Too slowly.
Grow grow grow!
Just a sprout still
Today a new leaf
Stem thickens
Climbs higher.
Its leaves reach wide
So slowly
Now just a bud
About to bloom.
Petals closed tightly
Waiting, waiting.
Soon soon soon!
Open at last
Petals spread
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Secretly Searching
Whispers in the wind,
Winding through the trees,
Heard by those who listen.
Colors soft and bright,
Dark and light clashing,
Seen by those who search.
Places of the past,
People that I knew,
Never quite forgotten.
Behind closed doors,
Closed faces, closed arms,
Precious secrets hidden.
Drawn or written down,
Thoughts left locked away,
Do you know my secrets?
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Rain on Me
Drip, drop, plop
Splish, splash, splatter
Rain like snow,
Fine as lace
Sprinkles gently down
Slowly and steadily
Soaking me thoroughly.
Warm raindrops fall,
Bursting on pavement.
Umbrellas like flowers
Hang over shoulders,
Heads, and bags.
No cover for me.
Pouring cold rain
Penetrating all coats.
Blearing my sight,
Cold, wet; rain.
My favorite weather.
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Seasonal Life
Rain, wind, snow
Running through the coldness.
Jackets and scarfs
Hurry, hurry home.
Bees, sunshine, flowers
Dandelions for a crown.
Pink and yellow dresses
Breath the air.
Sun, shade, dry
Laying in the soft sand.
Skirts and shorts
Sun goes down.
Shadows, crisp, breeze
Kick up dry leaves.
Costumes and cloaks
Trees grow bare.
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The Dreamer
Thoughtful, creative, brave
Who loves to write, invent, and explore
Who believes in true love and true friends
Who wants happiness, dreams, and maybe magic
Who truly fears nothing in this world
Who is a poet, artist, and singer
Who would like to run forever
Lover of chocolate and books
Always says, "I love you."
Resident of Earth
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